Amazing facts and statistics about the importance of using the video markenting

Alhakawatee’s participation in the the Entrepreneurial Knowledge conference EKC
September 13, 2015

If there is  a propaganda clip on your site , it may appear % 53 on the first page of the engine search Google .

100 millions users watch the marketing videos everyday.

More than one billion active users visit youtube site evey month.

% 50 of the number of videos seen on YouTube goes to the marketing videos.

Post that contains a video can attract  three times of the visitors more than other one without a video.

Your visitors would stay about two minutes more on your site if it  had a video.

% 90 of the users would take their decision to use this service just after watching their own marketing video.

% 87 of the  electronic marketers use videos in their businesses.

% 65 of the viewers to your clip propaganda would visit your site after watching this video.

150 days of writing has the same effect of  watching one minute video.

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